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Intuitive solution

SSC CGL Solved question Set 91, Surds and indices 8


This is the 91st Solved question set of 10 questions and solutions for SSC CGL on Surds and indices. The answers and detailed solutions follow the questions. First try to solve the questions yourself and then go through the solutions. All problems are solved by specially quick methods based on discovered patterns...

Move 8 sticks and convert 5 squares to 2 squares matchstick puzzle

thumb Move 8 sticks make 2 squares stick puzzle

The stick puzzle asks you to move 8 matchsticks in a figure made up 5 squares and reduce the number of squares to 2. How many unique solutions can you find? Total recommended time for the puzzle is 20 minutes. It's a bit of a challenge and fun. Go ahead and try to solve. You'll surely enjoy the experience...

SSC CGL Tier II level Solved Questions Set 13 on time and distance problems and train problems 1


This is the 13th set of solved questions of 10 practice problem exercise for SSC CGL Tier II exam and 1st on time and distance problems and train problems at this level. The questions are followed by answers and then the detailed conceptual solution explanation...

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