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How to get all the posts on a topic quickly at

With large content searching for a specific type of post may be confusing

At SureSolv, when we started, number of posts was small and normal Search function on the website was felt to support the Menu system and Tag system adequately. With time, most things grow as grew the number of posts, particularly in the category of Exams. Now it has become not so easy to find all the posts on a topic, say, “Time and Work” together in a bunch.

To keep the menu system light, we created it as a two level system. But with this design we can reach Exams > SSC CGL, not the posts under the topic “Time and Work” in SSC CGL.

If you click on Exams > SSC CGL, posts on all topics, Algebra, Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration and the subtopics such as “Profit and loss”, “Time and work” will be shown as teaser links, the current-most being listed first and the oldest listed last in page number 1 of a series of pages. The page with the largest page number is shown first. This is a laborious but sure way to find content.

Best way to search for posts on a topic is to use Tags

The best way to get posts on a particular topic is to use the facility of Tag.

The easiest way to get the list of all tags sorted conveniently in alphabetical order is to click on the Search terms option at the top left menu (User menu). This list is alphabetically sorted, so that you can locate a specific tag, say, “Time and work” quickly. If you click on the link for tag “Time and work”, all the posts with this tag in their titles will be listed together for your further reading.

Alternatively, on the right of any screen, a list of Tags are shown with a “More” link at the bottom of the list. Click on the More link to open a page of all the Tags used at SureSolv. 

Note that in this way if you search for posts on “Time and work” all posts on Time and work be it in Exams category SSC CGL, IBPS PO, or Tutorials main category will be listed together. But that should not be considered as a disadvantage as,

We consider SSC CGL problems to be close to a superset for any common topic for ALL leading competitive exams and Tutorials topics are must-reads.

For example, a great way to hone your skills on Arithmetic topics for say, Banking Services exams, is to go through the posts on same topics for SSC CGL. Choice and differentiation will be up to you.

For exams such as CAT, level of some of the problems on common topics will be harder than SSC CGL and we will post them under Exam > CAT category for ease of differentiation. For exams like GRE, GMAT the form of problems on topics common with SSC CGL may also be different so that we would create separate posts for those problems.

In general, content under Exams > SSC CGL will be the most comprehensive here for a long time to come (we can’t say, forever).

Search mechanism

A general tendency is to go for Search using Search window. The Search mechanism searches for the exact search string in titles or in the body of the posts, in full and broken up into constituent words in the string.

For example, if you search for Time and Work, all posts with “Time and work”, “Time”, “and” and “Work” in title or the body of the posts will be listed. This way the list may be quite long and confusing.

To stop searching on constituent words of a string and limit the number of posts in the search list output, enclose the search string in quotes.

For example if you want to search only for Time and work, use the search string as “Time and work” (with quotes) in the search window. This will stop search for “Time”, “and” and “Work” and search only for posts having the string “Time and work” in the title or the body of the posts.

Refer to this guide and experiment to be comfortable with your various search needs.