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Efficient Math problem solving

This is not specific to any exam. Each article highlights how difficult problems can be solved say in 3 steps instead of conventional 10 steps.

Faster math problem solving in a few steps

Under this section we will solve typical math problems that a student might find difficult when preparing for competitive tests such as SSC CGL, CAT, GRE etc. We will also cover Secondary school level or even occasionally Olympiad level problems.

The chief criteria that will be common to the problems here will be three:

  1. The problem should not require too much math knowledge to solve,
  2. The problem should have an inherent difficulty for most of the students or may be too lengthy and,
  3. The problem must be solvable following an elegant method in a very short time.

We don't like to deal with laborious problems. Generally each of these problems can be solved in a number of ways.

As we teach efficient problem solving as a subject, we will always try to find the easiest way to solve a problem explaining the strategy and the process that were required to reach such a quick solution.

It means, each problem and its solution that we explain here won't just be for that specific problem. More importantly, the underlying concepts about how the solution was reached efficiently and in very quick time, form the most valuable treasure to be recognized and owned by the student by understanding the concepts and applying the concepts in future problems.

How to solve difficult Algebra problems in a few simple steps 2

thumb_How to solve algebra problems in a few simple steps 2

Algebra is a discipline of symbol manipulation and usual problems involve only a few basic concepts. But to solve relatively more complex problems in a few simple steps we need to build our rich concept set specific to Algebra as well as use powerful general problem solving strategies and techniques. This is the second offering on Algebra problem simplification...

How to solve Time and Distance problems in a few simple steps 1

thumb_How to solve time and distance problems in a few simple steps 1

Time and distance problems are taught in middle schools and also form an important component in competitive tests. In any case, our endeavor is to solve such problems elegantly in a few simple steps in contrast to generally complex and time consuming conventional approach to solving such problems...

How to solve a School Math problem in a few simple steps, Trigonometry 2

thumb_How to solve a school math problem in a few simple steps Trigonometry 2

The conventional approach to math problem solving relies heavily on manipulation of terms using low level mathematical constructs without using the problem solving abilities of the student. Following only this approach to solving problems, students may tend to become used to mechanical and procedural thinking suppressing their inherent creative and innovative out-of-the-box thinking abilities...


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