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Tutorials, How to solve quickly Concept articles, Question sets and Solution sets on Geometry. Mainly for SSC CGL competitive test.

Learn simple to sophisticated techniques from Tutorials, How to solve quickly Concept articles and Solution sets on Geometry.

Practice to solve any Geometry MCQ problem in most competitive tests easily and quickly.

Lists of articles on Geometry are in pages below. Latest first. Oldest last. Extensive coverage.

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5 Step Suresolv Geometry Reading and Practice Guide for SSC CGL, SSC CGL Tier II and other Competitive exams

thumb suresolv geometry reading and practice guide

Follow 5 step reading and practice guide (with links to articles) on Comprehensive Suresolv Quantitative Aptitude Geometry for SSC CGL, SSC CGL Tier II and other competitive exams.

Read concept tutorials and articles on quick problem solving. Practice on extensive range of SSC CGL and SSC CGL Tier II level question sets. Clarify doubts from paired solution sets. Solve quantitative aptitude geometry problems quickly with confidence...

Solutions to Exercise 2 Chapter 6 NCERT X Maths, Characteristics of Similar triangles


Solutions to Exercise 2 Chapter 6 NCERT X Maths (Solutions Ex 6.2 class 10) not only takes you through short and lucid solutions, but also clears all your doubts before you reach the solutions. This time you will learn about a few interesting results related directly to Similar triangles...

Basic and Rich Geometry Concepts Part 9, Segment Relation for a Secant of a Circle


A secant of a circle is a line segment from a point external to the circle intersecting it at two points on its periphery. In other words, a circle divides its secant into two segments. In this 9th concept tutorial session on Geometry, the important relation between the secant segments and the tangent segment from the external point is explored in details with proofs...

Basic and Rich Geometry Concepts Part 8, Internal Angle bisectors and Segment Ratios at Incentre of a triangle


Incentre of a triangle is the centre of the inscribed circle, and also the meeting point of the three internal bisectors.These concepts as well as triangle side to incentre related segmentation relations are discussed with proofs in this 8th concept tutorial session on Geometry...


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