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Isosceles triangles

SSC CGL Tier II level Solution Set 16, Geometry 5


This is the 16th solution set of 10 practice problem exercise for SSC CGL Tier II exam and the 5th on topic Geometry. A few of the problems look simple but deceptively so. In the same way, a few of the problems seem to be quite difficult, but can be solved quickly by identifying key geometric patterns and applying corresponding methods that are based on core concepts...

SSC CGL Tier II level Solution Set 15, Geometry 4


These detailed solutions should give you a clear idea on how to solve the questions in the corresponding question set easily and quickly. The 10 SSC CGL Tier II level questions are on, median ratio at centroid, properties of a rhombus, properties of diagonals of a parallelogram, equilateral triangle, angle subtended by an arc of a circle, cyclic quadrilateral, similar triangles, isosceles triangle, right angled triangle and much more. These are comparatively difficult geometry questions to solve...

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